Catering (min. 10 orders for delivery)

 ** All orders customizable ** 

Delivery Prices Vary, Please Call (209) 469-0108

Sandwich, chips or salad
Ravioli, green salad, bread
Pesto pasta, green salad, bread
Ravioli, green salad, bread, cookies
Deli meat and cheese trays

Drinks available: A wide variety (please inquire)

Chips available: A variety of Kettle chips, Frito Lay Chips

Desserts available: Homemade Tiramisu, biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, imported specialty desserts

SALADS (8oz, pint, quart)

Caprese Pasta Salad
Roasted Veggies

Salads Vary Daily, please call to confirm availability for delivery orders.


Lettuce, beans, tomatoes, and Italian dressing
Genova tuna with tomatoes, and Italian dressing
Chef’s salad- Choice of 1 meat and 1 cheese with: lettuce, beans, tomatoes, and housemade Italian dressing